Penang trip

Me,my sister n StacyFrenz went to camping at Penang's seashore..3 days 2's fun going out with StacyFrenz...Ah Qi went there too but so pity she can't follow us to cameron highland cuz she has to go to skul on Monday...Me n Momoi reach home at 3.00 a.m. so tired so i diden go to work even ah mei olso didden go to skul ahaks..

Ah Qi

haha My Sister..ah her "ROOM"hehe

Ah Mae , Paul ,Kos n Faisal back to KL to see Stacy lelong her boots n her jacket but tak Stacy tak jadi .....but they met Stacy olso

fake sakura....pretty rite

My daughter Joan, juz came back from Sabah she enjoy this Penang trip olso


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