Hi all...I'm Back

Feu...=.=" my blog full with spider webs now, i have no time to update my blog cuz i'm quite
busy to do my work

Now, I gonna update my blog with some new post...

OK 1st

We captured our pica and warp it with Pabian's handphone b4 we went to genting,it is so funny...It's start from Ah Mae,she warp her photo with Ah Xing's handphone during Adriana,Casper,Eleza and her birthday party,the after few months, Paul send her pica to @15,it was very very funny,so we all take our pica and warp it and send to @15...All the chaters in @15 said that the pica so funny,we all also laughted louldly until our tears came out..haha


Next day ,we went to Genting to support Stacy in ABPBH 2008,she had been choosen in catergory Artis Wanita Popular and Artis Baru Wanita Popular...She had perform her famous song "Gagap" in ABPBH....She won a catergory Artis Baru Wanita Popular....wants to know more click here


We came back from Genting Moday,then tuesday...Stacy came to my house to celebrate she won the catergory...the STACYFRENZ member came too....(sorry,i dun want to continue it,cuz i'm typing my broken english now,so click here)
i'll post the pica next time ..bye
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