phew ...


long time didin't update my blog..


last sunday ,me ,ah mae,erry ,tkvie went to see stacy's show @ One Utama,she was there to do
shout awards promotion..

She sang Pakai Buang and Cerah...

Then evening we went to MBSA,Shah Alam to see Mentor,we go there to support Chaq (Stacy's elder brother),he sang Micheal Jackson's song,and he duet with his Mentor

But the time they duet,Ajai's mike had a little problem,but he keep in singing until they end
their song....

Blacke get the highest score,fira get the second higher score but Chaq get the lowest score...

But tv3 let him go on to the final of Mentor,all the fans were so happy,and Chaq cried that he can go through final...Congratulation!!!

Now,the final is coming ,so GOOD LUCK CHAQ!!!!!
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